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Canned Food 罐头食品

创建名片 - 网络名片,拓展全球商务人脉资源。

  • shuiguoguantou.com


       [待更新] 一丁罐头位于“中国罐头第一镇”一临沂市平邑县地方镇。公司主要生产黄桃、什锦、苹果、山楂、梨、白桃、桔子、葡萄、菠萝、椰果、草莓、杏等各种水果罐头。咨询热线:***

    www.shuigu*guantou.com - -

  • cannedfood.it

    find the list of manufacturers and importers

       [待更新] cannedfood.it the Portal of the canned food world: find an extensive, easy to read list of canned food manufacturers and of importers and distributors too.

    www.c*nnedfood.it - -

  • abcfruits.net

    ABC Fruits

       [待更新] ABC Fruits is one of the leading fruit pulp manufacturers in India. Our manufacturing plant is in Tamilnadu. We supply aseptic fruit puree.

    www.abcfrui*s.net - -

  • haimaijx.com


       [待更新] 江阴海迈机械制造有限公司专业从事冷热缸, 杀菌罐, 搅拌釜以及配料罐, 夹层式配料罐的生产和销售,欢迎来电咨询:***

    www.haim*ijx.com - -

  • sdjxyny.com


       [待更新] 巨鑫源主要生产芦笋苗, 芦笋口卑酒, 芦笋种子, 芦笋饮料, 芦笋饮料等芦笋发酵生物饮品及高值化制品, 价格合理, 是山东省芦笋工程技术研究中心承建单位, 是较大规模的芦笋研发生产企业.

    www.sd*xyny.com - -

  • chawuy.cn


       [待更新] 欢迎来到四川成都书亦烧仙草网结盟总部,在本站我们会为您介绍书亦烧仙草的品牌文化成立时间和发展历程,通过本站你可以了解书亦烧仙草结盟费价格多少钱够不够, 书亦烧仙草结盟条件是什么, 怎么结盟书亦烧仙草和书亦烧仙草结盟流程解答您想结盟书亦烧仙草结盟热线联系电话方式, 结盟在哪里的, 有没有可不可以做书亦烧仙草县市级代理招商获取项目资料, 书亦烧仙草消费利润高不高书亦烧仙草结盟流程等问题。

    www.chaw*y.cn - -

  • smdtrading.com


       [待更新] SMD Trading Co. LLC, d.b.a. Sales & Marketing Development, has operated as an Import/Export company since 1992.

    www.smdtra*ing.com - -

  • sunimpex.biz

    Global Food Supplier & Exporter Company

       [待更新] Sun Impex is a flavour manufacturer and global food supplier & exporter company offering food flavors and colors, fruit pulp, organic spices, pulses, grains, oil seeds, nuts, dry fruits and many other agro products.

    www.sunimpe*.biz - -

  • chuluoxiang.com


       [待更新] 楚螺香主打楚地风味,以楚地之螺,还原正宗楚味。人生在世,一生的奔波不过为了两件事:爱和美食。以爱之名,则会让食物的美味无与伦比。楚螺香将这两者完美结合,用爱体会,用心感受,以螺之名,做您想要的楚味!

    www.chuluo*iang.com - -

  • yushiguantou.com


       [待更新] 山东临沂于氏食品有限公司是一家设备齐全, 工艺先进, 资金力量雄厚的水果罐头生产厂家, 产品畅销国内外.公司秉承质量至上, 客户第一的宗旨, 力求打造世界级优质水果罐头.

    www.yushi*uantou.com - -

创建资讯 - 分类资讯,公司、产品、服务等信息。

  • chow.com

    Cooking Tips and Resources

       [待更新] Chowhound allows food enthusiasts to discover the best recipes and resources for cooking, eating, growing and making food. Find tips, tricks, and support by connecting to a community of food contributors.

    www.cho*.com - -

  • naturesvariety.com

    Natural Ingredients

       [待更新] Nature’s Variety is the company behind industry-leading, natural and raw pet food brands Instinct and Prairie. Learn more about our company’s mission and the people who bring it to life.

    www.natu*esvariety.com - -

  • chinagreensource.com

    Canned Lychees

       [待更新] China green source supplying Spring Roll, Curry Trigon, Noodle, Canned Lychees, Canned Longans, Canned Bamboo Shoots, and cream cracker.Our factories have IFS and BRC qualification.contact us with Email:sales@chinagreensource.com

    www.ch*nagreensource.com - -

  • haimaijx.com


       [待更新] 江阴海迈机械制造有限公司专业从事冷热缸, 杀菌罐, 搅拌釜以及配料罐, 夹层式配料罐的生产和销售,欢迎来电咨询:***

    www.haimaijx*.com - -

  • dogfoodproject.com

    How does your Dog Food Brand compare?


    www.dogfoodp*oject.com - -

  • breeders-choice.com


       [待更新] AvoDerm Natural premium dog & cat foods and grooming products for a healthy skin & coat. Grain Free, wet and dry recipes for all life stages.

    www.breeders*choice.com - -

  • guantoufood.com



    www.guantouf*od.com - -

  • cn-tinplate.com

    China Tinplate Maker

       [待更新] Comat is China tinplate manufacturer, offer tinplate sheet, tinplate sheet coil and tinplate packaging can for food, beverage, aerosol, oil, paint and everyday items. Our electrolytic tinplate and tin is also for making bottle cap, auto part and battery. Our tinplate and tinplate products are of strong corrosion resistance, non-toxicity. Our experienced staff conducts strict monitoring of tinplate production procedure, like acid washing, reciprocating rolling and degreasing. Our advanced electrostatic oiler can provide oil finish in customer needs. Our tinplate packaging products like food tinplate can, beverage tinplate can and aerosol tinplate are SGS certified, corrosion and rust resistant, quality enough with better price, welcome.

    www.cn-tinp*ate.com - -

  • l51.cn


       [待更新]  多年来始终专注于各类水果罐头产品的研发与生产,目前,橘子罐头、黄桃罐头和塑料杯软罐头生产工艺技术、产销量全国领先,综合实力名列行业前茅

    www.*51.cn - -

  • starkist.com


       [待更新] Tear. Eat. Wander. | Add some spice to summer with StarKist Tuna Creations® BOLD pouches.

    www.*tarkist.com - -

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